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The Daily Echo: A Definition of Pure Charity……. April 13, 2016

April 14, 2016

On today’s echo just play the video. That’s all you will need to see to know a true definition of Charity….. So many people in the world reach out to others and yet we know very little about it. I have figured that unless you commit a crime, or do something very negative it won’t make the news. If you silently go about your way and help others you may not make the news, but be assured much greater rewards will be yours. I love today’s story and hope we can all learn a valuable lesson on serving those around us.

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The Daily Echo: 148,000 No’s: September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

The Daily Echo: 148,000 No’s September 2, 2014 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

The average child will hear “NO” or “You can’t do it” 148,000 times by the time they are 18 years old. Is it any wonder that so many struggle with self confidence and can never see themselves achieving greatness. In today’s episode I talk about turning this around and empowering our children and youth.

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The Daily Echo: Would you like a better marriage? August 7, 2014

August 7, 2014

How is your marriage? Do you love him or her as much as you did back in the day. You remember that time. It didn’t matter what you did, where you went as long as you were with that person. Since marriage what are you doing to strengthen that relationship. We say it all the time on the Echo your never the same. You are either getting weaker or stronger. The same applies to your relationships. Today I talk about some ideas I believe will help strengthen that relationship and increase your love.

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The Daily Echo: Treat people great!!!! August 5, 2014

August 5, 2014

How simple does that sound? “Treat people great”. We all want to be treated great. In today’s episode I discuss how we treat those around us. It’s interesting that 3 billion people go to hungry every night because of lack of food but 5 billion go to bed hungry for a kind word, compliment, or word of encouragement. We can all do better. It starts today and with the next person you see. Go ahead and try it out today you will be amazed. With every person you come in contact with try to give a kind word and if a compliment is due give it. Imagine the world if everyone went around daily with that goal in mind.

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The Daily Echo: An extra 15 minutes a day for your children. July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Simply spending an extra 15 minutes a day with our children is equivalent to 2 full working weeks a year. I am sure if we cut out the unnecessary things in our life we can find room for 15 minutes. My Mom and Dad told me that a parent is never happier than there most unhappy child. Now with 5 children of my own I agree 100%. By being there for them when they are growing and developing we enable them to have the tools and skill set necessary to adequately deal with life’s challenges.

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The Daily Echo: Red Flags, Green Flags: June 18, 2014

June 18, 2014

In today’s episode I talk about something Dave Blanchard, CEO of the Og Mandino group has shared with me. In scroll #2 of The Greatest Salesman in the World we are given council to, “Greet this day with Love in my Heart”. It is such an incredible scroll, I would highly recommend it’s reading to everyone. In this scroll we are told to love everyone. In fact we are told whenever we see someone to say to ourselves we love that person. This is very difficult to do if we are constantly judging those around us. I know I am guilty of it and I am not proud of it. The game red flags green flags is about how we see others. For the next week identify if the person you are seeing gets a red or green flag. Red is negative and Green is positive. Really take this seriously and at the end of each day keep score. You might be surprised at how many red flags you are giving out. The idea of this is to first recognize the problem and then begin to correct it. If you have even one red flag that is one to many. This is very tough work to do. In many cases this is a life long habit of judging others and it will take some time. So go ahead and play this game. Give me some feedback I would love to hear your experiences.

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The Daily Echo: Echo Hall of Fame newest inductee, Jack Lane. Happy Father’s Day Dad. June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014

The Daily Echo: Echo Hall of Fame newest inductee: Jack Lane–Happy Father’s Day Dad, June 15, 2014 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

I thought it fitting on this father’s day 2014 to induct my greatest hero and mentor. I think most boys growing up envision becoming like there fathers. At least I have and still do. Jack Elmer Lane was born December 17, 1937. He was the 5th child of 10. He was not born into a life of wealth or stardom. However he was given a much greater gift than any of that can bring. He was molded by the kind of love from parents that produces charachter rarely seen in life today. It was not an easy life moving from place to place. Leaving home at an early age and continuing to support his distant family with any funds he happened to earn. At an early age he was determined to change his “stars” and make an easier life for his future family. He met one of God’s angels and through persisentent effort finally convinced Andrianne Sue Kramer to marry him. Looking back I am sure she saw greatness while still in it’s early stages in this man. They struggled financially as most young families do. Work was hard to find, but he always found a way to provide for his young family. There love grew as they began to welcome children into their home. I was number 4 trailing 3 brothers. My entrance into the family came at a time they were contemplating moving and starting a new direction in lfe. Up to that time my dad had done a variety of jobs to support his family. Logging trees and the demanding physical effort it took was not his long term vocation in life. He knew that to accomplish the dreams and goals he had for his family he needed to change direction. Around my 6 month mark of life they sold all they had and loaded up the car with all their early possesions and moved. The fear of failure would keep over 99.9% of the world from every packing up all they owned and having the confidence to know that it will all work out. This pattern of success has been a constant theme in my Dad’s life. The humble confidence he exhibits knowing he can work his way out of any situation. I have seen it hundreds of times from any business venture he took on. Most people would look at him today and pronounce luck or good fortune as the bearer of his success. Those who know success understand the only luck involved is when opportunity meets preparation. I have never seen a harder worker in my life. I have never seen selflessness like my father exhibits in his drive for accomplishment. Never have I seen him do any of this for his own gain or satisfaction, but always to improve the lives of others. His calling and cause are alway for others. I have been the benefactor of these gifts for 48 years now. But I would say the greatest of gifts is the legacy he has created. They say the greatest achievement we will have in life is to leave this world better than it was when we arrived. When this mount rushmore of a man finishes his work here on earth he will have left this world much greater because he gave all he had. I love you Dad and Happy Father’s Day 2014.

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The Daily Echo: Love is a Verb Part 2, Opening car doors. June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

A simple act of opening a car door for your wife/daughter/mother or date tells how you reverence them. I have had to catch myself in this category. I was taught at a young age by the example and “persuasion” of my Dad to always respect women. This was one of the ways we did so. The world would have us think other wise. Weakness they may shout at the man who does this. In fact there are some women who would get offended if you opened the door for them. They look at it as weakness pointed at them. The very image above shows the shock in the woman’s face as a man opens her door for her. In this episode I hope to re-commit men everywhere to show women the respect they deserve. Yes that means opening car doors.

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