What are you Grateful for?

April 18, 2014

In life we really do get to choose what kind of a day we will have.  Ed Foreman a mentor of mine has been teaching this for 50+ years.  In fact I would urge you to visit his site and download his “daily menu”.  We really do get to pick the kind of lives we live.  One key component of how we live is how grateful we are for what we have.  Have you ever noticed those that constantly complain about all of lives “problems”.  They sure do have a bunch to wine about.  The contrast is those people that seem to be grateful for all of lives incredible gifts.  On the contrary they appear to have been blessed with more things to be grateful for.  I believe that as we show gratitude for all of lives blessings we are given more.  Another “Life is an Echo” example to implement in each day.  If you struggle with this in your life here are a few exercises to get you going.  Start today and just make a small list of things that are good in your life.  If you struggle with this just look around you and soon you will find things you take for granted.  You might take for granted your ability to walk until you see someone confined to a wheelchair.  This list goes on and on.  But from this day forward take a few minutes each day and list something different each day.  Then focus on how grateful you are.  You will be surprised at the added blessings you will get with this simple exercise.

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