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The Daily Echo: Addiction “Short term bennefits & Long Term Destruction… September 20, 2015

September 20, 2015

It’s all around us. It might be part of your life or a close family member. It’s rises everyday and destroys not only those who partake but the loved ones in their lives. ADDICTION…… In the past we usually associated addiction to drugs and alcohol only…. We now know there are many other forms of addiction, each with it’s ugly vice of deception and destruction. The only way out is to climb out. That begins with YOU…YOU must acknowledge FIRST you have a problem and ADDICTION… Then seek help… The prison you are living in has a key, but that key begins by accepting and admitting you need help. Watch today’s short clip to see how. There is hope for joy, happiness, and yes freedom from the bondage you and those you love may be suffering from… Don’t wait until it is too late..

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