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The Daily Echo: B98 FM Dr. Lane Talks About Persistence Interview July 19, 2014

July 19, 2014

On yesterday’s show we talked about persistence. One of the reasons we ultimately fail or succeed depends upon how persistent we are. I use the analogy of the Chinese Bamboo tree to illustrate the growth that does not show up unless we continue to fertilize and water that tree. Just like in life we have dreams and aspirations that must be fertilized and watered for days, week, months, and yes even years before we might see that outward growth. How easy it is sometimes to get frustrated and to give up when we don’t see the outward results. We must understand that there is growth happening. It is the massive root structure that will support our mighty dreams. Never quit, and never give up you might be a day a way from the massive growth ready to be see on the outside.

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