The Daily "ECHO"

The Daily Echo: Day 20 Light the World… Your Greatest Treasure.. December 20, 2017

December 19, 2017

I love today’s message. In the rat race of accumulation we often times get fooled. We somehow think “possessions” create happiness and abundance…. How often have we seen in the tabloids or by those around us that “things” don’t even move the needle of true happiness. Science now tells us that “external possessions” only account for up to 10% of increased happiness at best. Most of the time it will account for a decrease in happiness the wealthier some people get. Look around you today and I can promise you if you LOOK hard enough you will realize how much Abundance you have…. It may be your spouse, child, mother, father, friend, and so forth. We are all blessed in so many ways but fail to look around and acknowledge it. Start looking and you will find..

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