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The Daily Echo: Family: It’s always worth it!!!! July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Do you ever feel like what’s the use? As a Father there have been times I have wondered that very thought. Family takes time, it takes commitment, but most of all it takes love. I have talked about love before on the echo. You know that word LOVE that some tend to think is a magical movie ending fireworks kiss and always has a “happily ever after”. Well yes and no. Stephen Covey always taught that LOVE is a verb. We all remember that verbs are action words. We must DO something. So it is with family and yes those DO’s really are worth every second. In today’s episode I talk about my recent family reunion and what a blessing it was for everyone involved. Sure there were many sacrifices just to be there. But they were all well worth the effort. Make sure you are taking that time daily to devote the time to the most important part or your life—-Family: It’s always worth it!!!

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