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The Daily Echo: Get to or Got to? Jan 29, 2015

January 29, 2015

The Daily Echo: Get too or Got too? Jan 29, 2015 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

While listening to a recording this morning during my workout I heard this story. A woman asks her friend if she would like to go with her that night to an event. The lady responded that she “had” to go visit her mother. The other lady then responded, ” I sure wish I could get to see my mother, she passed away 10 years ago.” It made me think about how many times during the day we resort to saying we “got” to or “have to do something. Many of our “have’s” and “got’s” would be millions of people’s “get’s”. Sometimes we are so overly blessed we get confused. Just this mooring after listening to that story I was heading to my office when my daughter asked me something and I said, “I can’t right now I’ve got to pay the electric bill” Have you ever felt like you have to pay the electric bill, gas bill, auto loan, mortgage, and so forth? I would assume for millions of people around the world the luxury of hot water a roof over their head, turning a knob to heat up the house or cool it down would be a tremendous blessing. The blessing of getting to pay that bill means you have a job you get to go to and a boss that get’s to pay you. You can see where I am heading with this. So as you venture out today think of all the got to’s and have to’s today. You might find they are get to’s

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