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The Daily Echo: I’m Proud of YOU!!! December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017

As we close out another year I just wanted to say…. “I’m Proud of You.” I may not know you personally but I am pretty sure 2017 has given you some victories. Now some of you may think..”What this has been a tough year” or “How does he know 2017 has given me Victories?”…. No matter how this past year has turned out for you…..Each of us can take those experiences (Good or Bad) and put them to use as we move forward. If we are not satisfied with 2017 use that frustration to set new goals, work even harder, and learn even more. Once we all realize life is not a destination, but a wonderful ride we will put things into perspective. The crazy thing about taking on this attitude is we accomplish far more when we wake up determined to enjoy the ride that day. So once again I proclaim….. “I’m Proud of You”…

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