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The Daily Echo: Leading without a title….. October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Watch this short 3 minute clip of an ordinary person that has DECIDED to LEAD without a “title”. I am a fan of Robin Sharma and on a trip to phoenix the room service attendant who brought up his morning breakfast impressed him enough he shot this short film. Everyday we are surrounded by greatness. We tend to think it occupies corporate leadership such as a CEO, VP, or another title such as that. Many of the great leaders are the “everyday” wonderful people we are surrounded by. Are you taking time to notice these unique and wonderful people. Are you one of those? Would you like to be? Leadership is a choice we all have everyday. We don’t need a fancy title to lift inspire and motivate others to a better life. It’s about caring for those around us and in serving them.

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