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The Daily Echo: Santa Lucia Remembered…. December 13, 2016

December 13, 2016

If you live in Sweden today will be showered with “Lucia” all over the country. In our homes, churches, elderly centers, and schools this is a special day. The story of Santa Lucia is the focus of today’s echo. Take time to watch this excellent production that explains the origin of this special day in Sweden. Lucia was a Christian in Italy and ultimately suffered death because of her decision to stay true to her morals and values. As you think of a time when Christians would be tortured and killed for their beliefs it makes us wonder how a civilization could turn so cold. Looking around the world today we see similar areas that have resorted to this behavior. Even in our own country when you decide to stand for the values Christ taught you can be ridiculed for your standards. I am thankful for the modern “Lucia’s” today that will not compromise right for wrong. Courageous enough to voice truth… We sometimes believe that truth and correct principles are on a moveable scale… They are not. Just as gravity will always be gravity….True principles never change even if the world we live in wants them too. Enjoy today’s echo.

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