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The Daily Echo: Starting From Scratch….2017??? December 31, 2016

December 31, 2016

Wow another wonderful year in the books after tonight. How did you do???? Did you accomplish all you set out to do in 2016?? Did you even set a goal or goals? If you were one of the 1% that actually at down last year and set those goals……How much progress did you make on them? Are you one year older and no closer to a goal you may not have???? Take time to watch today’s echo and if you must………START WITH A CLEAN SLATE…. Start from Scratch… The wonderful thing about the new year is it mentally can allow us to dream a little bigger and reach a little higher. BUT>>>>>>> You must decide to Reach a little higher and dig in a little deeper. I can promise you one thing. If you will take the time and write down your goals…Then develop a plan to achieve them…. You will accomplish far more than you would without a goal. If you have been weighed down by an ugly habit in the past, NOW is your time to “Start from Scratch” and overcome that habit. It’s time to quit smoking, quit drinking, quit lying, quit overeating, quit being lazy, quit….. you know what I mean…. Use the New Year to help leverage yourself mentally to have hope in a better tomorrow…. I know you are thinking I did this last year and by the 15th of January my enthusiasm was gone and back to my old ways. That’s ok now you know you need to do a better job daily of giving yourself motivational speeches and listening to those that will help you continue when the tough times come. Because I can guarantee you this!!!! The bigger Goal you have the bigger challenges and obstacles you will have. Get excited and know that you are up for the challenge. Make 2017 Epic.

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