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The Daily Echo: The Chinese Bamboo Tree. July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014

One of the greatest analogies in life is the story of the Chinese bamboo tree. After planting the seed of this tree you will see nothing for 4 years. After watering and making sure it has ample sunlight you will only see a small bud. But in the 5ht year that is when the growth occurs. Over 80 feet of growth in year 5. How easy would it be to get frustrated for the first 4 years of all the hard work to care for this tree. You might want to quit and say, “what’s the use anyway”. Could you imagine giving up in the final few months before the 80 foot growth? Wasting 4 years of a massive root system building itself, and preparing for the 8o foot growth. How is this any different than in our own lives. If you have big goals they will take a big root system to support your dream(s). Know that if you are doing those things that are crucial to build whatever dream or goal you have that root system is developing. If you are a parent raising children and you are getting frustrated, keep doing those things daily. It will all payoff. That 80 foot growth may be next week or next month. Don’t give up. Continue to cultivate your dreams and aspirations.

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