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The Daily Echo: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell: October 23, 2020

October 23, 2020


Optimize: (← Get Free Stuff + Free 2-Week Trial!) Optimize Coach: (← Join 2,000+ Optimizers from 70+ Countries!) Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Hope you enjoy! Joseph Campbell was an American author and teacher best known for his work in the field of comparative mythology. If you’ve ever heard of the “Hero’s Journey,” you have him and his lifelong commitment to studying mythology to thank. This book (written in 1949) is the one that captures the essence of his thoughts on the “monomyth” that shows up across all cultures. One universal hero. A thousand faces. Big Ideas we explore include: a quick look at the hero’s journey, moving past the veil of the unknown (aka romancing your discomfort zone) while creating micro hero journeys (all day every day), your ultimate boon (don’t make King Midas’s mistake), the mistake that the makers of legend made (growth mindset, guys!!), and a portrait of the modern hero (look in the mirror!). Get The Hero with a Thousand Faces on Amazon:… Learn more about Joseph Campbell:… ► RELATED RESOURCES: Big Idea 1: THE MONOMYTH – Finding Joe documentary →… – +1: Hērōs | Building Strength for 2 (#107) → Big Idea 2: THE THRESHOLD – +1: Your Infinite Potential | And Where to Find It (#4) →… – David Goggins →… – Marie Forleo →… – George Mumford →… – PN: The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler →… – +1: Making the Impossible Possible | How to Make It What’s for Breakfast in X Tomorrows (#587) →… – Optimize Coach: Program Overview → Big Idea 3: THE BOON – +1: The Choice of Hercules | Vice Dressed up as Virtue (#1036) →… Big Idea 4: THE MAKERS OF LEGEND – +1: How to Build Your Grit | The 4 Key Scientific Variables (#19) →… – PN: Grit by Angela Duckworth →… – +1: What Shakespeare, Beethoven & Picasso Have in Common | Want to Create Something Great? Create a Ton. (#86) →… Big Idea 5: THE HERO = YOU – +1: Optimize = Optimus | = The Best Version of You (#367) →… ► FREE 14-DAY TRIAL: Get the PhilosophersNote on The Hero with a Thousand Faces and 600+ other books by starting a Free 14-Day trial membership to Optimize: ► MORE GOODNESS: – Get the Optimize App for iPhone & iPad: – Get the Optimize App for Android: – Subscribe to the Optimize Podcast: – Follow Optimize on Facebook:… – Follow Optimize on Instagram:

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