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The Daily Echo: The “Masks” we Wear……… October 30, 2015

October 30, 2015

As Halloween approaches I think of masks…… Not the masks we will see this weekend but those imaginary masks you and I put on each day. The need to feel loved is something all of us desire whether we acknoweldge it or not. Sometime in our life we found out that by altering our personality or “changing masks” others would accept us more. Unfortunately we thought this was love. Acceptance is not love and often has strings attached to it that drag us down an ugly road. One of the most liberating things we can all do is be OURSELVES….. That’s right BE YOU…. Throw away the masks and help your children do the same. Love them for who they are, the unique talents they have. Often times children play and do the things parents like because they get acceptance (love they think) for being Dad’s little Football Player… When in reality they have enormous talent, skill, and passion in another area. Let’s celebrate them and value them for who they are so they don’t get used to wearing masks to impress others.

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