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The Daily Echo: The Truth About Vaccines 7 Day Docu-Series… April 18, 2017

April 18, 2017

One of the questions I get asked often has to do with Vaccines. I’m happy to see parents wanting to gather as much information as they can about Vaccines. While I don’t ever want to make the choice each parent should make, I do believe it’s vital to study and research ALL the information out there. On today’s echo I show a teaser in a currently airing series on that very subject. For many the question is either A) To Vaccinate or B) Not to Vaccinate. It is black or white with no gray area. For some that choose to Vaccinate they don’t like the timing there pediatrician gives them. For others they may select only a number of Vaccines and so no to others. The answer may not always be A or B it may fall somewhere in the middle. The tragedy I feel today, is that the parents are condemned no matter what choice they make in the best interest of THEIR child. I have parents tell me pediatricians will “fire” them as patients if they don’t follow exactly the offices “schedule”. If you have a physician that takes your care or your child’s care out of your hands….. Fire them before they fire you. Ultimately no one loves your child more than you and no-one should ever dictate the care they “deem” correct. Paradigm’s are meant to be challenged and I think this short series gives both sides of the argument for parents to better choose. Remember years ago Galileo said the world was round…. Everyone else “KNEW” it wasn’t. He was tried and suspected of “heresy”. He spent the rest of his life in house arrest. But guess what….He was right. Take time to watch today’s echo and tune in for what I have found is an excellent series.

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