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The Daily Echo: Until We Meet Again….. December 18, 2016

December 18, 2016

As I wake up to this beautiful Sunday December 18th, 2016 I can’t erase the impact this day has had upon my life. Last year on the echo I made a special tribute to Scotty….

The Daily Echo: Heaven needed a HERO. Echo Hall of Fame. Jeffrey Scott Lane….. December 18, 2015

For 33 years of my life my older brother Scott was always there. He and I were only 3 years apart but he never seemed to let that bother him. As a younger brother full of envy for his heroic older brother, I tried to mimic his every move. Anyone and Everyone who knew Scott understood this was not an ordinary person. Scott seemed to make everyone know how important they were. He figured out early in life why we come to earth. It’s often been called Agape Love or Charity. But Scott had it. His heart was as big as the moon and you always felt a little bit bigger when he was around. For much of my life I had believed and taught about this life as a temporary existence. That everyone will live again after their mortal existence. Since that horrific day in my life I have been blessed to have some wonderful experiences. Scott still has a profound impact on my life. There are not many days that go by, that I don’t continue to feel his presence. His direction and guidance is as strong today as it was those first 33 years. I know I will see him again and families can be together forever. In today’s echo I share a short clip from President Thomas S. Monson. Take time to watch this short clip and know that if you too have lost those you love…You will see them again.

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