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The Daily Echo: What Visceral Fat Does to the Body??? May 30, 2018

May 30, 2018

For years I have been obsessed with accurately measuring body fat for my patients. Why the obsession? Because as the Mayo Clinic states…. Your Body Fat or your excess Body Fat is the #1 predictor of present and future disease. This last weekend I was at the “Happiest Place in the World” aka Disneyland. I was stunned and blown away as I watched people….Thousands of people from all ethnicities, young, old, men, women, child, adult and at least 50% of the people I saw walking around the park were OBESE…. Not just over weight but at least 30lbs overweight. On today’s echo I am sharing a great video that talks about what extra body fat and particularly Visceral Fat does to your health. Take a look and DECIDE to get lean. Not for the 6 pack but for your future health. Statistics show that when men get below 17% body fat and women below 27% body fat….There chances of developing the chronic diseases of today are almost zero…..And Cancer you ask???? When we attain those body fat’s we are far less at risk for cancer as well. Now the bad news. The average body fat I see in my office using the Bod Pod is?????? For men over 40% and Women over 50%….. It’s time to stop the epidemic of obesity and disease.

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