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The Daily Echo: What You Know About Goal Setting that is Wrong???? November 7, 2018

November 7, 2018

Most of what you know about goal setting is wrong…
Or at the very least is stunting your ability to achieve significant goals.

You’ve been taught to review your goals regularly, maybe first thing in the morning and then at night.
You’ve been told to have your big, hairy and audacious goals top of mind all day throughout the day?

Am I right? In the video above I’ll share why that’s a surefire way to get yourself overwhelmed and stunt yourself entirely.

Really, you are like deer in headlights all day.
The overwhelm of what is in front of you paralyses you from doing anything.
Then this only leads to more frustration and having you fall further and further behind.
Sound familiar?

Here’s the switch I want you to make:
Yes, set your big, hairy and audacious goals.
Map your plan to get there.
Those are good things.

But then forget about your goal entirely.
Your big, hairy and audacious goal is just that… big, hairy and audacious… or seemingly impossible… in the moment.

Watch the video to find out why I want you to forget entirely about your goals and forget ALL about your BHAG.

While most people carry the burden, stress and overwhelm of their massive and daunting goals all day, ultimately paralyzing them into submission, you’ll learn how to effortlessly move from next to next.

What’s funny and quite amazing is you will achieve, or in most cases far surpass, your BHAG and they will barely have gotten started… and they will be stressed, frustrated and disappointed.

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