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The Daily Echo: Who is Russell M. Nelson? November 25, 2018

November 25, 2018

Last week a patient asked me about the Prophet and President of My church. In response to her question I shared this short video about Russel M. Nelson.

Who is Russell M. Nelson?

He is the new and seventeenth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. President Nelson is a prominent surgeon and medical researcher of international renown.
He was born on September 9, 1924, and is 93 years old.
He has 10 children, and he is married to Wendy L. Watson. His first wife, Dantzel White, died in 2005.
According to those closest to him, he enjoys excellent health for his advanced age. He likes to ski in his spare time, which shows his remarkable vitality.
President Nelson is a man of faith who has managed to balance his professional life and his service to God.
He has achieved many accomplishments and milestones over the course of his career: He was part of the team of doctors that created the first heart-lung bypass machine. In 1951, that machine was used in the first open-heart surgery ever performed on a human. He has served as President of the Society for Vascular Surgery, President of the Association of Directors of Thoracic Surgery, Chairman of the Council on Cardiovascular Surgery for the American Heart Association, and Chair of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.
He has received numerous medical awards including:
the American Heart Association’s “Golden Heart Award,”
the American Academy of Achievements’ “Golden Plate Award,”
and the University of Utah’s “Distinguished Alumni Award,” among others.
But beyond his successful career, service to God and to his church has been President Nelson’s hallmark.
He was called to serve in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on April 7, 1984 and as President of that Quorum on July 15, 2015.
President Nelson has collaborated on and contributed to the progress of the Church of Jesus Christ around the world for more than 30 years.
He has participated in the dedications of 30 different nations, blessing the people and missionary work in those countries including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Armenia, Australia, Belorussia (as it was then called), Belize, Congo, Chekoslovakia (as it was then called).
Russell M. Nelson is a man who has been prepared over the years to now serve as President of the Church of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
Nearly 16 million people consider him God’s prophet on earth.
In his words, “I love Jesus Christ, I testify of Him, and I express my everlasting gratitude to Him, now and forevermore.”

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