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The Daily Echo: Year in Review… We are All Offended!!! December 29, 2017

December 29, 2017

Haha thought you might get some entertainment out of Chad’s Message today. I enjoy Chad and the way he approaches the topics of today. I wonder what might happen next year if we all might DECIDE to NOT be offended by everything we “deem” offensive towards us. I learned long ago that our brains are programmed to scan our environment looking for what we ask it to find. If we wake up looking for all the great things in life????? Guess what???? Pretty soon your brain only looks for the good. The problem the past few years is we are waking up looking to see what possible might offend us??? We scan the news channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and listen to other people’s conversations just waiting to possibly hear something that we might construe as offensive. Start 2018 off a bit different and lets start scanning our world for the positive. We may not all agree but I believe we can all find good in everyone and let them know about it. Once that begins to happen we might see a complete paradigma shift around us.

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