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The Daily Echo: Courage doesn’t always roar by Bobi Seredich… January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016

As a youth growing up I was taught to be courageous. I always thought courage was all powerful and warrior like. I never thought that many of the most courageous people that have walked the earth were gentle giants that stood firm in their commitments… Today’s echo is a poem by Bobi Seredich, “Courage doesn’t always roar”. Many times in our lives we exhibit courage just by getting up the next morning and trying again. Many around us are a quiet example daily of real life courage. It may be the single mother working 2 jobs to support her children, or the person checking you out at the grocery store giving you a smile while dealing with a wayward child. Become more resolved to stand firm for what is right and realize you don’t have to roar to show courage…..

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