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The Daily Echo: Don’t be Afraid to Fail. April 15, 2019

April 15, 2019

How often do we give a modest effort because we FEAR Failure? Sounds a bit crazy to fear failure enough we would not give our best. The truth is we tend to give less than our best so we have an excuse when things don’t work out. We can shrug it off as something that wasn’t for us. There is nothing wrong with failing. When we repeat that to ourselves enough that we finally have it engrained in our minds we will accomplish most of the things we set out to do. When we realize failure is an event and not a person we continue to do that thing over and over again until we finish it. As the baby continues to get up every time she/he falls when attempting to walk they eventually walk. It’s really no different than that. The major difference is as we age we hear voices that baby has never heard. While we encourage the baby our minds discourage us.

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