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The Daily Echo: I Refuse to Participate in…….. July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

The Daily Echo: I Refuse to Participate In… July 17, 2015 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Remember the recession? Maybe you are old enought to remember 2 or 3 recessions. Most people begin to fail way before it hit there industry or business. Mentally they decided they were going to PARTICIPATE in the recession, and guess what? They did… In today’s echo I talk about Ivan Misner the CEO of BNI and how he attacked this mindset. The great Zig Ziglar once said, “I don’t know what town you live in or what you do. But I can tell you there is someone in your town doing the same thing you are doing and they are very successful”. Why aren’t you? It all begins with the way we mentally approach any thing in life. Begin today to “Refuse to Participate” in recessions, smoking, drinking, getting fat, you name it. As much as recessions kill many many business they also are responsible for creating new millionaires and success stories. It begins for each by the way they mentally approached it.

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