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The Daily Echo: My Angel Inger Hits the BIG FIVE OH (50).. Happy Birthday Sweetie… May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017

It’s hard to believe and if you look at her you would surely think I put a 5 where a 3 goes. But it is true. My sweet angel wife Inger turns 50 today. How special this girl is too so many. Today we celebrate her with a great video that Dallin put together. It may be my favorite. It captures her in all her passion and love for life. Very rarely will you ever see Inger not walking around with a smile on her face and a love of life. She inspires and lifts so many because she loves everyone. You can feel it whenever you are in her presence. I have never known anyone as selfless as she is. Her heart is always on others. She is my rock and my foundation and my best friend. I love you sweetie and remember… You are only as old as you feel……And in your case……..Look so I guess really your only 25 or 30 today. Love you sweetie… and Happy Birthday..

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