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The Daily Echo: Public, Private, or Secret Life???? January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

The Daily Echo: Public, Private, or Secret Life??? Jan 1, 2016 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Each of us live life in 3 areas. The great Stephen Covey talked about this often. We have our Public life, or Private life, and our Secret Life. How consistent are you with these 3. Do you talk with your spouse and children the same way you do your best client? Do you show respect and hold your tongue with that teenager the same way you do with your boss? What about your secret life???? What do you do when no one is around? What websites are you visiting when you are alone and no one is watching? The secret to INTEGRITY is bringing all 3 together. Becoming consistent in all 3 areas is how we can become truly happy. Listen in today as we discuss this topic.

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