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The Daily Echo: What are YOUR Predictions for 2017? January 1, 2016

January 1, 2017

My Predictions for 2017

Well it’s here…… Yep 2017 sits at your feet ready and willing to do what you would like. It’ pretty easy to train 2017 today and probably for the next few weeks…. But be very careful. Just like a new puppy will adapt and learn very quickly the habits you instill in him/her, 2017 is very teachable NOW….If you instill daily routines 2017 will happily program that and soon it will become automatic. So be careful…. If you want to run away from the poor habits of the past you must train 2017 different than you did 2016…… Once 2017 has learned these new sets of habits he will serve you and help you become far more than you ever have… The next 66 days will determine how well you train 2017…Train him well and he will serve you the remaining 10 months. Take time to watch today’s clip and begin 2017 with passion and determination.

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