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The Daily Echo: With Persistent Pain or Injury, Focus on Sleep: February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

Start with some benchmarks. Minimum 8 hours. (This might require BEING in bed for an extra hour.) Set an alarm an hour before bed to start your sleep routine, which should include: ✅ 10-20 minutes of soft tissue work ✅ Get off electronics During the day, goals are: ✅ 10-12k steps ✅ Cut off caffeine between 12-4pm ✅ Limit alcohol You don’t have to throw extra money at the sleep thing, but it does help to accurately quantify and qualify this important environmental piece. We’re fans of WHOOP for tracking and of course ChiliSleep for the ideal sleep conditions. S/o to Kirk Parsley (aka the Sleep Doctor) for establishing these goal posts for us. REMINDER: subscribe and turn on notifications to stay current on mobility, performance, and recovery conversations. About The Ready State: The Ready State is the new home of MobilityWOD. The Ready State provides athletes, coaches, and humans of all walks of life the tools to Relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. Subscribe to the Virtual Mobility Coach for customized mobility coaching, tailored to your body and lifestyle. Start a 14-day FREE TRIAL today at​. Connect with The Ready State: Visit the The Ready State WEBSITE:​ Follow The Ready State on INSTAGRAM:​ Like The Ready State on FACEBOOK:​ Follow The Ready State on TWITTER:

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